My training in sculpture was classical with hours spent drawing
the figure, studying anatomy, and modeling figures in clay.  I have
worked with all sculpture media and processes: carving,
modeling, casting, and construction.

I emphasize the human figure in my welded sculptures.  My aim is
to capture the movement, essence, and energy of the human

My years of teaching and exhibiting sculpture have, hopefully,
helped develop a greater awareness of 3-dimensional art's place
in the art world with my students and colleagues.  My objective in
this pursuit is to continue to express my love for sculpture.
Elaine Seeley - Sculpture
Artist's Statement
St. George and the Dragon by Elaine Seeley
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<< St. George and the Dragon, Best of Show, 58th Open Juried
Show, Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League, Carlsbad, California
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